Quick Question Paper

Quick Question Paper empowers educational Institutes to automate the process of generating question papers. We provide varied types of customizations to cater to requirements of all types from descriptive paper to multi-choice paper.
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Recruitment base

Recruitment Base is a web app built for Recruitment consultancy firms and aggregators which facilitates managing data of companies and candidates registered with them. Also, Candidates can register directly on the platform and apply for jobs from the platform itself.

Loan Verification

Loan Verification is a combination of mobile app and web app for loan verification agencies which allows adding loan verifications requests via admin panel in the web and an executive personnel can verify these requests based on different locations using the app.
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first offer website
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First offer

A portal for placement which includes a web-app and Mobile App for handling all placement activities in an educational institute. It bridges the gap between the institute and the students and the process becomes easier to manage.

Video Streaming Plateform

Video Streaming platform is a low cost streaming solution for android devices. You can have a app branded by your name where users can stream videos, and you can manage video's from admin panel according to category, language, etc.
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video streaming plateform app
video streaming plateform app

Online Invitation

Online Invitation allows you to invite people to your special occasions digitally. We create a website according to the occasion which you can then share to your guests. You can also share your stories on the website and we will customize it according to your wants.

Product Management

Product Management System is built with the purpose that any firm can manage the stocks, suppliers, sales related to its products. These records enable them to make better decisions and manage their products in a better way.
product management system