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First Offer

A portal for placement which includes a web-app and Mobile App for handling all placement activities in an educational institute. It bridges the gap between the institute and the students and the process becomes easier to manage.

Product Management System

Product Management System is built with the purpose that any firm can manage the stocks, suppliers, sales related to its products. These records enable them to make better decisions and manage their products in a better way.

Tiger Prepaid

Tiger Prepaid enables customers to prepay their expenses and earn incentives. It is being used by local merchants and their customers giving benefits to both the parties.

Task Flow

Task flow is a mobile app to manage tasks within an organization. Tasks can be assigned to different individuals at different roles and juniors can report to seniors at different levels.

Mahendra Sweet Mart

Mahendra Sweet Mart has been established since 1947 and are a synonym for quality sweets. We have the privilege to support them for IT related works.

Travellers Fashion

Travellers fashion Pvt Ltd is an Indian Brand management company, for the retailing of Luggage, handbags, leather, and other such goods. They have grown into an innovator in the travel gear Industry. We built a CMS website for them.

Mahadev Electronics

Mahadev Electronics is a prominent electronic store in the Bapunagar area of Ahmedabad. It was established in the year 1992 and deal with almost all kinds of electronics items. We have built their E-Commerce website helping them to take their business online.

Motive Immigiration

Motive immigration provides immigration services. They mainly focus on student visas. They mainly cover countries like Russia, Italy, France, Czech Republic and other European countries. We have built there CMS website through which they attract more students and it helps them connect better to the clients.

URM Consultancy

URM consultancy provides consultancy services to different organizations and helps them meet their needs. We built their website and a web portal that enables them to manage their consultancy service.

Devam Abacus

Devam Abacus is a chain of abacus coaching institutes spread over Gandhinagar. We built their website and provide various IT services to them.

Shuru Up

Shuru up is a startup that helps other startup to get connected to the investors and find funding for themselves. we built a cms website for them to create a portal where startup can register themselves and the investors can visit and show their interest in them.

Sarvottam Consultant

Sarvottam Consultant is a company hired by bank for verification of documents, proiperty ,etc for approving the loan given by the bank. We built a custom software to automize the whole manual work that they were doing.

Amar Plastic

Amar Plastics Is One Of The Leading Manufacturer And Exporter Of Filter Press With The Most Strength. They have been in this vertical for 20 years now. We built there website so that they can increase the reach and get connected to potential customers via the web.

Tech Solutions

Tech solutions provide Business Process Outsourcing wherein they provide subcontracting options for various business-related operations to third-party vendors. We built a CMS website for them enabling them to showcase their services to the world.